Passionate Pursuits: The Pros & Cons of Building a Perfume Collection

Split image with perfume bottles demonstrating the pros and cons of perfume collecting

Perfume hobbyists meticulously grow their fragrance archives with dedication yet often overlook pragmatic burdens. My journey building a meaningful scent collection brought intellectual rewards but also forced difficult reckonings around storage, expenses, and counterfeit risks requiring self-discipline.

Noème vs Hermès: Comparing Abysse & Un Jardin Sur La Lagune

Comparison of Abysse by Noème and Un Jardin Sur La Lagune from Hermès – two fragrances represented by a beautiful garden of lilies and cyclamen in a watery setting.

As an avid fragrance enthusiast, I’ve amassed countless perfume samples over time. This year I vowed to finally start tackling my backlog in earnest – thus #samplingthrough2024 was born. Each day I select a new scent sample to test, aiming to push beyond my usual comfort zone and expand my olfactory repertoire through first impression […]

Lost in Flowers Perfume: An Ode to Scented Essence

A bottle of 'lostinflowers' perfume by Strangelove NYC, placed on a marbled surface, surrounded by fresh jasmine blossoms, vibrant orange champaca flowers, and a wooden bowl of delicate saffron strands.

Entwined within the Lost in Flowers perfume is a lo story, hispered in the language of scent. It’s an odyssey that begins with the first blush of Jasmine, a delicate prelude that sets the heart adrift on a journey through a blossoming paradise. Every note is a step deeper into the garden of the heart where Champaca’s golden glow warms the soul and the seductive embrace of Gardenia enfleurage beckons us into the night. Here, Saffron’s fiery threads weave through the tapestry of aroma, leading us to the primal depths of Oud — the final, enduring echo that anchors us in the rapture of this fragrant love affair.