A bottle of 'lostinflowers' perfume by Strangelove NYC, placed on a marbled surface, surrounded by fresh jasmine blossoms, vibrant orange champaca flowers, and a wooden bowl of delicate saffron strands.

Lost in Flowers Perfume: An Ode to Scented Essence

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Delicate jasmine blossoms with their intricate white petals captured in a high-contrast setting, exuding serene beauty.

Enveloped in the essence of a botanical masterpiece, Lost in Flowers, is a perfume that emerges as an ode to the soul’s perennial quest for beauty. This fragrance more like a voyage through the garden of the divine, a sojourn where every note is a petal and every fragrance a bloom in the eternal spring of the heart.

My Dearest Jasmine,

You have found me. Adrift in the lush gardens of emotion, where the air shimmers with your soft murmurings. As dawn breaks, with its innocent light, your pure essence unfolds—a tender balm amidst the world’s tumult. Indeed, you are the herald of spring, a gentle melody beneath the attentive gaze of the moon. In your company, Jasmine, I am discovered anew, nestled in the tender vow of everlasting bloom.

To the Euphoric Champaca,

Within your embrace, I find myself lost in the exultation of countless dawns, each beam a golden filament interwoven into this celestial romance. Moreover, your aura is a festivity, a ballet of blossoms in the breeze, animating the spirit with the age-old chants of the woodlands. Indeed, you elevate me, Champaca, to a blissful summit where each inhalation is a concert of delight.

A champaca flower in full bloom, set against a moody grayscale background, evoking its vibrant life amidst tranquil shades.
A monochromatic image of a blooming gardenia with layers of white petals opening up against a dark background.

Beloved Gardenia Enfleurage,

You are the quintessence of alluring might, enveloping me in the depths of nocturnal yearning. Your sumptuous aroma, a covert revelation, paves a secluded trail to passion’s most secluded alcoves. Furthermore, within your flourishing is a vigor, a compelling allure that invites with a softness akin to velvet and a permanence that rivals the celestial bodies.

To the Rich Saffron,

You, the painter of this olfactory masterpiece, your vibrant strokes imbue life with the hues of wonder. A spice so noble, you lend a warmth that glows from within, a fiery heart that beats to the rhythm of ancient lands. Your richness is a treasure, a bold declaration in this quiet union of scents.

Vivid red saffron threads in a natural stone bowl, surrounded by a monochrome setting, highlighting their bold hue.
A dark and textured piece of oud is prominently featured against a grayscale backdrop, highlighting its rich and resinous character.

And to the Magnetic Oud,

In you, I am utterly ensnared. Your depth is the anchor in this fragrant sea, a pull so primal that it defies time itself. Rare and precious, you are the foundation of this love letter, the enduring echo in the chamber of my soul. Your resonance is the base note to our symphony, the final chord in the crescendo of our shared existence.

With Heartfelt Devotion,

Together, you are Lost in Flowers, a perfume where the melody of scents that weave through the tapestry of life, binds us in the spell of perpetual wonder. In this fragrance, I find the freedom of spirit, the electric spark of connection, the sacred dance of love’s timeless song.

Eternally yours,

A Wanderer Enraptured

Subsequently, as a wanderer spellbound by the Lost in Flowers symphony, I invite you to share your own aromatic tales. Which scents captivate your senses? What have you experiences from Strangelove NYC?Perhaps you have other experiences with perfumes created by Christophe Laudamiel? Join the conversation and tell me about the perfumes that take you on a journey, that remind you of lost gardens, or that hold the key to your heart’s most cherished memories. Peruse my collection to find more floral favorites.

A close-up image of a hand holding a Strangelove 'lostinflowers' eau de parfum bottle. The bottle has a warm orange hue, with a golden textured cap, against a monochromatic background that accentuates the vibrant color of the perfume.

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