Comparison of Abysse by Noème and Un Jardin Sur La Lagune from Hermès – two fragrances represented by a beautiful garden of lilies and cyclamen in a watery setting.

Noème vs Hermès: Comparing Abysse & Un Jardin Sur La Lagune

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As an avid fragrance enthusiast, I’ve amassed countless perfume samples over time. This year I vowed to finally start tackling my backlog in earnest – thus #samplingthrough2024 was born. Each day I select a new scent sample to test, aiming to push beyond my usual comfort zone and expand my olfactory repertoire through first impression takes only. Yesterday, I selected the alluring Abysse Parfum from Noème for this ongoing personal sampling project. Immediately unexpected similarities struck which reminded me of another beloved scent in my collection. Hence, a comparison of Abysse vs. Un Jardin Sur La Lagune was in order.

Though slightly different upon first sniff, I detect an uncanny watery familiarity between the two otherwise vastly unique scents. Witnessing this creative clash of personalities, I find myself unable to resist exploring further. Before rational thought kicks in, I commence an impulsive side-by-side fragrance analysis to discover what hidden nuanced commonalities or stark differences exist organically between perfumer Majda Bekkali’s mysterious Abysse essence compared with established master Christine Nagel’s radiant Un Jardin Sur La Lagune creation.

A minimalist composition featuring Noème's Abysse sample vial and card alongside Hermès' Un Jardin Sur La Lagune bottle and box on a clean white background

Phasing My Way Through First Impressions

With initial mists layered atop each arm, stark contrasts emerged immediately.

Un Jardin Sur La Lagune lunged lively from its corner – a radiant splash of effervescent green magnolia raining down unrelenting with zesty optimism. The scent burst forth energetically like timelapse footage of a garden blooming at high speed.

Comparatively, the opening approach of Abysse proved more quietly enigmatic – a mist not readily discernible upon first spray. However, skin-clinging tendrils of herbal wood and cardamom pull me infinitely closer once detected through the mist. Subtle yet self-assured, like a siren’s secret beckoning from beyond the haze.Subtle yet self-assured, like a siren’s secret beckoning beyond the mist.

Analyzing the Mid-Cycle Shape Shifting Heart

Past the 30 minute mark, both fragrances ventured into equally stunning reinventions within their luminous hearts.

For Un Jardin Sur La Lagune, the initial burst of greenery receded. This fading allowed delicate white blooms of Madonna Lily to unveil themselves, coupled with verdant emerald facets of Pittosporum emerging. Whispers of a saline sea breeze began swirling. Aquatic Samphire notes also peaked through, together underpinning the bouquet with misty impressions. These new dimensions were reminiscent of strolling garden rows next to the banks of coastal waters.

Comparatively for Abysse – the initial maritime spice notes softened progressively. This allowed graceful Cyclamen petals swollen with nectar to rise and take focus. The blooms now swirled euphorically over rugged Hawthorn brambles and weather-worn Cedar planks below. Together the notes conjure olfactory visions of navigating woodland trails to the sea at dusk.

Longevity & Projection – Evaluating Overall Performance

As expected, the Parfum formulation afforded to Abysse provides admirable longevity and delicate yet consistent projection for hours on end. My subtle movements wafted its nostalgic woodsy floral fusion well into the night – rewarding those who dare draw near with quiet moments of evocative reflection.

However, Un Jardin as an EdT surprised mightily in tenacity, evolving to new found depths trading transparency for endurance. Robust lilies now intermingled with damp green stems and fauna seemingly harvested from steeping moist soil in the early morning’s dawn. The sustaining scent settled and surely suited it’s fog-veiled water garden inspiration exquisitely.

Final Assessment – Which Fragrance Wins the Duel By Day’s End?

When ultimately forced to declare victory – Abysse prevails in projection power, riding long into twilight by merit of its parfum craftsmanship alone bringing an aromatic dimension that exceeds your average scent. If price was no object – I’d definitely crown it with first place.

BUT evaluating purely by price-to-pleasure – Un Jardin Sur La Lagune triumphs as the title holder instead! Despite concentration discrepancies against an opponent costing more than double the price, this humble verdant floral retreat proved utterly stunning in sensory endurance. Un Jardin Sur La Lagune showcased remarkable tenacity for an EdT formulation. It burst forth with breezy blooms redolent of its Jardin line origins. The scent rose substantially above expectations for average EdT longevity and performance. Overall, Un Jardin Sur La Lagune possessed just enough balanced brightness alongside its impressive endurance to shine beautifully whatever the occasion An utterly superior EdT achievement given constraints.

Have you tried both of these fragrances for yourself? I’m intensely curious whether other fragrance lovers perceive similarly uncanny olfactory parallels between Abysse vs. Un Jardin Sur La Lagune. These two perfumes seem so different on paper – or is it just my nose playing sensory tricks on me!?! After this mysterious aquatic magic carpet ride with Noème, I’m now eager to test more gems from their niche portfolio soon. Please share your impressions on how (or if) these fragrances conjure connected memories linked by leagues of aquatic allure belying their vastly different brewing blueprints and bottled forms. What’s your take – phantom aqueous chemistry or authentic ephemeral equivalence? I eagerly await your perspectives in comments!

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