Encountering the unexpected: The Australian spotted jellyfish, a unique marine creature, in its natural habitat of turquoise ocean waters.

Ocean Eyes: Escape to Summer with Who is Elijah (Australian Fragrance Review)

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Ocean Eyes by Who is Elijah: Sample vial and information card presented on a newspaper print background.

#Samplingthrough2024: Exploring Ocean Eyes

In today’s #samplingthrough2024 journey, I’m setting sail with Ocean Eyes by Who is Elijah, a new-to-me brand from Australia that I recently discovered scrolling my socials! I love their tagline, “We make memories not perfume.” This statement perfectly captures what I’m after in almost any perfume I encounter – a fragrance that stirs emotions and transports me to some special place.  (This is my Who is Elijah Ocean Eyes Review)

A Fragrant Journey Down Memory Lane

While Ocean Eyes evokes the carefree spirit of a sunny beach day, for me, it sparked a very different memory. It transported me back to a late afternoon at my favorite secluded spot on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Across the street from my haven, civil war-era mansions stood guard, some still equipped with cannons. But this particular day, the beach held an unusual surprise.

Encounter with the Australian Spotted Jellyfish

The sand was dotted with strange, gelatinous blobs. At first, I thought they were jellyfish, but these were massive,way too big for my brain to register these blobs as jellyfish! With a toddler in tow, I found a clear area to set up, only to witness the blobs multiply as the afternoon wore on.

Finally I discovered they were these enormous, lilypad-sized Australian spotted jellyfish, gently rolling in with the waves. I can hear myself saying, “Don’t step on the jellyfish, son!” It was an unforgettable moment, a natural phenomena. Faced with a beach overrun by these gentle giants, I decided to cut our beach trip short and headed for the pirate ship casino further down the coast in Biloxi.

Back to Ocean Eyes!

Ocean in a Bottle: Notes and Impressions

The first spritz of Ocean Eyes hits with a burst of bright citrus – grapefruit and mandarin orange. Invigorating and awakening, it instantly transports me to that specific memory. As the scent unfolds, refreshing notes of sea water and juniper come through, mimicking that same invigorating ocean air I remember. The warm base of musk and amberwood adds a touch of sun-kissed skin, leaving a lingering warmth reminiscent of those long summer days.

A Blast from the Past: The Memory Connection

For me, the scent mimics the breeze coming off the water. I think that’s what reminded me of those bioluminescent Australian spotted jellyfish! Believe it or not, it was the year 2000 and the first time these visitors were being seen in such large numbers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Little did I know, years later, I’d be spritzing on a fragrance from Australia (Who is Elijah) that would bring back this vivid memory!

A Summer Scent for Everyone

Overall, Ocean Eyes is a fantastic summer scent! It’s light, fresh, and perfect for anyone who wants to capture the feeling of the ocean, even if it brings back some unexpected memories!

Speaking of warming up, can you believe we had snow here in Colorado this week? Despite the recent winter blast, I’m so excited that spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon. Last year, summer scents became a total obsession for me, thanks to amazing perfumers and brands like Hilde Soliani, Lorenzo Pazzaglia, and Jul et Mad. Their fresh fragrances were pure joy!

Calling All Summer Lovers

Now that I’ve shared my Who is Elijah Ocean Eyes review, what about you?What summer scents are you getting excited about wearing this year? I’m thinking it’s time to pull out all my blue-toned perfume bottles to get ready for those long, sunny days! Let me know in the comments below!

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