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Sampling Through 2024: Exploring New Perfumes

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The year 2024 began with a captivating challenge that beautifully merges my love for fragrances with daily excitement. I proudly present my year-long perfume sampling quest, a venture I affectionately call #samplingthrough2024. Each day I unveil a new fragrance from my extensive collection, embarking on a sensory exploration full of surprises and delight.

Igniting the Senses: The First Whiffs of 2024

The journey embarked with a vibrant goal: to immerse myself in a different fragrance daily from my extensive collection. Subsequently, the simple act of randomly selecting a perfume sample each day and sharing my impressions has swiftly cultivated ideas for a Spring wardrobe filled with diverse fragrances. This routine is evolving into more than just a seasonal style; it’s crafting a narrative rich in scent discovery. Just nine days into this fragrant adventure, I warmly extend an invitation for you to join and enrich the experience. Your participation will transform this personal journey into a collaborative exploration of scents and stories. As fragrance enthusiasts, we have the opportunity to unite and embark on a shared aromatic journey. This adventure celebrates the diversity and richness of scents, weaving together our individual experiences.

Assorted collection of perfume samples, sachet bags, and discovery sets organized in shopping bags and gift boxes.

Organizing the Aromatic Array

My method for organizing perfume samples, while unconventional, is both tidy and effective. In my closet, the samples reside in a variety of shopping bags and boxes, once home to gift sets. The Luckyscent samples have found their place in a sachet bag, a variety of discovery sets in a Kilian bag, and other assorted samples in a couple of gift boxes. This personalized system, captured in the accompanying image, offers a glimpse into my unique approach to fragrance organization.

Documenting Your Perfume Collection

Understanding the significance of documenting each fragrance journey, I’m excited to present my Perfume Collection Tracker. Consequently, this personalized spreadsheet is crafted to seamlessly log your treasured bottled fragrances and samples. As a token of appreciation, it’s available at no cost—just subscribe to my monthly newsletter to gain access. Indeed, this tracker has become essential in organizing my collection and daily sampling, making sure each fragrance is meticulously recorded and poised for its debut.

Moods and Perfumes: A Daily Dance

My daily perfume choice is a reflection of my mood, adding a sensory depth to each day’s story. Mornings may find me reaching for a lively citrus scent, while evenings could see me embracing the exotic comfort of spicy fragrances with hints of liqueur or incense. This practice of aligning scents with my mood not only enhances my daily experiences but also forges a stronger connection with each fragrance. The element of surprise in my 2024 sampling journey, with random selections, introduces me to scents that may unexpectedly match or contrast with my mood.


This year-long scent exploration transcends the mere act of trying new fragrances. It’s a journey of discovery, engaging with a community of fragrance lovers, and relishing the joy of each new aroma. Follow my daily scent discoveries on social media, and join me on this aromatic adventure. Your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions are the heart of this shared journey, and I eagerly await your participation.

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