Hemlock: Parfums Quartana’s Toxic Love Affair with Black Vinyl

A gloved hand in black vinyl holds a cobalt blue Hemlock Parfums Quartana bottle, emphasizing the fragrance's seductive and forbidden nature.

Hemlock is an audacious fragrance that defies convention, a scent that commands rather than coos. Forget delicate florals and soft touches—Hemlock by Parfums Quartana is here to take charge, to leave its mark. Its beating heart? A black vinyl accord, a synthetic note that evokes the restrained power of a vinyl corset, its glossy surface hinting at the exquisite tension between surrender and control.

Not Just a Signature Scent: The Power of Preferred Notes in Perfumery

A collage of colorful flowers (roses, figs, etc.), fruits (figs), and leaves representing the concept of preferred notes in fragrance. Text overlay reads "The Power of Preferred Notes"

Forget the “perfect perfume” hunt! I realize the quest for a signature scent is a classic fragrance goal. But what if, instead of a single defining perfume, you embraced a whole collection built around the notes that speak to your soul? What if your scent collection was a thrilling adventure instead of a single destination? If the traditional concept of a signature scent leaves you feeling a little uninspired, I welcome you to approach collecting in whole new way to discover and enjoy fragrance. Let’s explore the power of preferred notes together!

Coffee & Jasmine Make Scents: Cortile by Milano Fragranze

Cinnamon sticks and Cortile Milano Fragranze perfume bottle

Introduction This past January I set out on an aromatic adventure that brought me to a niche perfume house nestled in Milan’s bustling fragrance district – Milano Fragranze. As part of my #samplingthrough2024 project, I uncovered a scent that instantaneously enthralled me – the beautiful Cortile eau de parfum. This transportive elixir captured my imagination […]

A Message in Lipstick: Francesca Bianchi’s Sticky Lips Seduces the Senses

Francesca Bianchi Sticky Lips displayed on a dresser.

I still remember that January night when Francesca Bianchi’s daring new elixir first sparked temptation. Entering the dim bedroom greeted by a sultry new scent infused in the very air. Traces of tobacco, hints of iris and spice beckoned deeper as crimson confession stopped me in flashes of lipstick: “Sticky Lips”.

Inhaling further, facets emerged and evolved on skin – cinnamon flirting with roots, animalic resins persisting with insistence. This was no demure bouquet but a femme fatale reducing me to primal craving with mere 30 mls. A year later I still seek out whatever rare magic Bianchi bottles next…