A Message in Lipstick: Francesca Bianchi’s Sticky Lips Seduces the Senses

Francesca Bianchi Sticky Lips displayed on a dresser.

I still remember that January night when Francesca Bianchi’s daring new elixir first sparked temptation. Entering the dim bedroom greeted by a sultry new scent infused in the very air. Traces of tobacco, hints of iris and spice beckoned deeper as crimson confession stopped me in flashes of lipstick: “Sticky Lips”.

Inhaling further, facets emerged and evolved on skin – cinnamon flirting with roots, animalic resins persisting with insistence. This was no demure bouquet but a femme fatale reducing me to primal craving with mere 30 mls. A year later I still seek out whatever rare magic Bianchi bottles next…