Coffee & Jasmine Make Scents: Cortile by Milano Fragranze

Cinnamon sticks and Cortile Milano Fragranze perfume bottle

Introduction This past January I set out on an aromatic adventure that brought me to a niche perfume house nestled in Milan’s bustling fragrance district – Milano Fragranze. As part of my #samplingthrough2024 project, I uncovered a scent that instantaneously enthralled me – the beautiful Cortile eau de parfum. This transportive elixir captured my imagination […]

Andrea Maack Reviewed: A Coven Beyond Scent

A collection of Andrea Maack perfume sample boxes in a row, with a bottle of 'COVEN' lying across them.

Encountering Coven was like uncovering a hidden gem in the world of perfumery. This fragrance, with its enigmatic blend of vanilla, labdanum, and a hint of whiskey, immediately captivated my senses. Its complex character, evolving from a bold opening to a deeply resonant heart of cedarwood and oakmoss, illustrates the artistry behind Andrea Maack’s creations. As I explored each scent in the collection, from the vibrant Lightsource to the serene Soft Tension, I discovered a world where each fragrance tells its own unique story. Join me as I delve into the intricate tapestry of these scents, each a masterpiece in its own right.

How to Apply Perfume: Tips for Lasting Fragrance

A woman's hand delicately holding a perfume bottle, with various elegant perfume bottles arrayed on a polished wooden surface, reflected in a mirror in a monochrome setting.

Master the art of perfume application with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential tips for long-lasting fragrance, from the best areas to apply to understanding scent concentrations. Transform your perfume routine for a more enduring and memorable aroma