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Once upon a time…

In a tale as old as time itself, Aesop narrated the story of Androcles and the Lion – a timeless fable celebrating the virtue of kindness, a theme gracefully echoed in Ellis Brooklyn’s Fable perfume. In this ancient Greek story, Androcles, a runaway slave, encounters a lion in pain. Despite his fear, Androcles chooses compassion, removing a thorn from the lion’s paw. This simple act of kindness, much like the essence captured in Fable, fosters an unlikely friendship between man and beast, symbolizing the power of empathy and mutual respect.

In the world of fragrances, Ellis Brooklyn’s Fable perfume mirrors this classic tale. It’s a scent that weaves together elements as diverse yet harmonious as the friendship between Androcles and the lion. With notes of Neroli, Black Currant, Honeysuckle, Petitgrain, Violet, Amber, and Cedar, Fable is not just a perfume; it’s a celebration of kindness and the gentle connections that bind us.

As I share my experience with this unique fragrance, let’s explore its rich olfactory landscape, akin to how Androcles navigated the ancient forests. Together, we’ll uncover what makes Ellis Brooklyn’s Fable a contemporary homage to enduring virtues. It’s a scent interwoven with a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of my great-grandmother Flora’s timeless grace.

Ellis Brooklyn 'FABLE' perfume bottle surrounded by red currants and blackberries on a decorative plate.

The Story Embodied

Fable serves as a conveyor of stories, connecting each aromatic note to a chapter in an unfolding narrative. This fragrance weaves a rich combination of scent with a corresponding narrative. Like Androcles’s act of bravery and kindness, the perfume brings disparate elements into a harmonious accord. The Neroli, for instance, speaks of courage, while the Black Currant evokes the dark forests. Conversely, the Honeysuckle brings sweet surprises, and the Petitgrain adds the wild spirit. Furthermore, the Violet introduces a note of delicacy, and the Amber and Cedar culminate in a warm resolution. Each note is a character, contributing to a tale that is both personal and shared, a narrative worn on the skin, enveloping the wearer in a story as timeless as Androcles and the Lion.

Seasonal Reflections

This perfume, in particular, finds its stride in the transitional whispers between seasons. Notably, in the crispness of spring mornings and the lingering warmth of late-summer evenings, Ellis Brooklyn’s Fable sings its sweetest notes. Additionally, during these times, the scent seems to be carried effortlessly by the breeze, becoming a companion to the blooming and wilting alike. Moreover, in early autumn, it subtly nods to the changing leaves, but as the winter’s chill sets in, I find myself reaching for something with a bit more heat.

An Ode To Kindness

Wearing Fable is, above all, an act of self-kindness, a choice to be enveloped in a fragrance that is both comforting and elegant. Initially, when I first experienced its scent, it evoked strong, vivid memories of my great-grandmother, Flora. Consequently, Fable captures her essence within its layers, reflecting her graceful and kind nature. Each time I wear it, it transports me back to the simplicity and depth of her kindness. This scent, while subtle, offers a gentle nudge towards the strength in gentleness, a quality deeply rooted in today’s fast-paced world yet often overlooked. By wearing Fable, I feel a deep connection to Flora’s legacy, as if each note in the fragrance is a part of her elegance that I carry with me.

Who is Fable For?

Ellis Brooklyn’s Fable is for the contemplative soul, the dreamer who takes the time to stop and smell the roses, the individual who values subtlety over boldness. It’s for those who appreciate the nuance in a fragrance, the quiet strength it can bestow. Perfect for the office, a serene weekend, or a peaceful evening at home, Fable is versatile yet distinguished, a signature scent for someone who, like Androcles, approaches life with a gentle fortitude. This fragrance embodies the spirit of its namesake fable, offering a unique olfactory narrative that resonates with those who seek meaning and beauty in every aspect of life, including their choice of scent.

A bottle of Ellis Brooklyn 'FABLE' Eau de Parfum on a marble surface with golden accents.

Final Thoughts

In Fable, Ellis Brooklyn has crafted a fragrance that transcends the bounds of mere aroma. It’s a liquid anthology of virtues, a distilled essence of the narratives that shape us. As Androcles found friendship in the lion through a simple act of kindness, Fable has forged a bond with my own story, interweaving with my memories and moments. It’s a testament to the scents that do more than just decorate our skin—they become part of our lore. In this modern world, perhaps we all need a reminder of the timeless virtues, and Fable is just that—a fragrant memento of kindness, empathy, and the gentle connections that bind us all.

Inspired by Fable’s story? Browse my fragrance collection for more scents that tell a tale.

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