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Exploring Benigna Parfums: A Review of Supreme Majesty

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The Allure of Benigna Parfums

In the world of luxury perfumes, there are brands that not only captivate the senses but also tell a story that resonates beyond the realm of scents. Interestingly, Benigna Parfums was founded in 2018 by an inspiring American woman of African descent. She is an accomplished aerospace engineer and pilot named Benigna, embodying the ethos of the brand. Additionally, this purpose-driven brand skillfully combines the art of perfumery with a dedication to making a positive social impact, focusing on empowering young women in STEM through partnerships with charitable organizations.

My Personal Connection

Close-up of Benigna Parfums Supreme Majesty perfume bottle with crystal facet-cut design and jewel-like cap.

My personal connection to Benigna Parfums deepened with a fortunate twist of fate – winning a bottle of their exquisite fragrance. Surprisingly, the prize wasn’t just any bottle, but a masterpiece of design. Supreme Majesty arrived in a timeless crystal facet-cut bottle crowned with a jewel-like cap. The cap is reminiscent of the Royal Crown crafted for King George VI in 1937. While holding the bottle, one can feel the substantial weight. It’s easy to appreciate the flawless craftsmanship that speaks volumes of the brand’s dedication to quality and luxury. Explore my collection to discover more such treasures.

Supreme Majesty: An Olfactory Coronation

Benigna Parfums beckons those who aren’t familiar with its olfactory delights to explore a world where fragrance meets artistry and social responsibility. Therefore, as someone who has experienced the allure of Benigna Parfums firsthand, I warmly invite you to join me on this journey. I’ll be sharing my musings and personal experience of one of their most captivating creations: Supreme Majesty.

The Essence of Supreme Majesty

From the moment Supreme Majesty graces the senses, its character is unmistakable. It presents a robust interplay of rose and oud that immediately asserts itself as a fragrance of unparalleled elegance. Moreover, this fragrance doesn’t just adorn; it elevates the wearer. It bestows upon them an air of dignity and the mystique of a lineage steeped in power and grace. Supreme Majesty is a testament to the artistry of perfumery, where each note weaves a narrative of beauty and sophistication.

The Proclamation

The coronation of Supreme Majesty begins with a fanfare of Geranium and Blackcurrant Bud. The geranium, sustainably sourced from the fertile lands of Egypt, heralds the event with its fresh, floral overtures, reminiscent of a queen’s grace and poise. It sets the stage for a regal experience. On the other hand, the blackcurrant bud, with its rich and tart aroma, is like the murmurs of excitement among the gathered crowd, promising a reign of strength and distinction. It adds a layer of depth to this scented journey.

Benigna Parfums Supreme Majesty bottle on a dresser, with its colorful reflection on the surface, set against a black and white background.

The Crowning

As the crown is gently placed upon the queen’s head, the heart of the fragrance begins to unfold. It reveals a bouquet of Rose Absolute and Rose Oil from Turkey, symbolizing the queen’s dignified and compassionate rule. These opulent rose notes, sourced from the finest gardens, envelop the senses in a velvet embrace. This embrace signifies the queen’s deep connection to her people. Meanwhile, the Jasmin Sambac adds a whisper of exotic lands and the queen’s far-reaching influence, infusing her presence with a touch of sweet, sensual mystery.

The Reign

The base notes of Supreme Majesty are the queen’s enduring legacy. Oud, with its rich and resonant character, represents the depth and complexity of her rule. The New Caledonia Sandalwood brings a creamy, smooth foundation, evoking the stability and wisdom of her governance. Cypriol adds an earthy, grounding element, symbolizing the queen’s connection to her land and people. The warmth of amber represents the love and reverence she inspires. It leaves a lasting impression that continues to resonate long after she has passed from the throne room.

The Wearer’s Experience

Remarkably long-lasting, this incredible scent clings to fabric for weeks, leaving a lingering signature on jackets and coats. Similarly, on the skin, its presence is commanding yet evolves gracefully over time, softening but never fading until consciously washed away. Furthermore, it persists until actively removed, making its mark with a sillage that garners admiration and compliments. In addition, Supreme Majesty is an ideal companion of formal elegance but possesses a versatility that allows it to be worn confidently in more casual settings by those who carry it with the right attitude.

Overall Impression

Supreme Majesty is a harmonious blend of rose and oud, striking an impeccable balance between luxury and wearability. Additionally, its unisex appeal and exceptional quality make it a top recommendation for anyone seeking the ultimate rose-oud fragrance. Indeed, it’s more than a perfume; it’s a wearable emblem of luxury and timeless sophistication.

Exploring The World Of Benigna Parfums

If you’re seeking to indulge in Supreme Majesty or explore other creations from Benigna Parfums, their website is your gateway. It offers access to a world of luxurious fragrances crafted with care and purpose. Therefore, immerse yourself in the elegance and royalty that Benigna Parfums offers. Discover the scent that resonates with your spirit of sophistication and empowerment by exploring their range of exquisite fragrances on their website.

Conclusion and Additional Discoveries

In conclusion, Benigna Parfums’ Supreme Majesty stands as a symbol of luxury and refinement in the fragrance world. This is a brand that offers more than just a scent. Benigna presents an enriching journey that marries exceptional quality with masterful craftsmanship. At the heart of this experience is a strong commitment to social responsibility, distinguishing Supreme Majesty in a competitive market. Each bottle narrates its own story, not only through its carefully selected aroma but also through its dedication to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing. In every aspect, from its scent to its social impact, Supreme Majesty showcases the true art of fine perfumery in the contemporary era.

The allure of Supreme Majesty is its ability to weave together the essence of luxury with a conscientious approach to the art of perfumery. For those intrigued by the exquisite nature of this fragrance but not yet ready to commit to a full bottle, consider exploring a smaller quantity that can provide a personal experience of its majestic qualities, allowing you to fully appreciate its depth and complexity before deciding on a larger investment.

Embracing Supreme Majesty is more than just adding a perfume to your collection; it’s a commitment to a philosophy that marries the sensory pleasures of perfume with a profound respect for our world and its future. Eager to share your thoughts on Supreme Majesty or have a scentful story to tell? I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment below and join the fragrance conversation.

Your Scented Inquiries

What are the main notes in Benigna Parfums Supreme Majesty?

The main notes of Benigna Parfums Supreme Majesty include a top layer of Geranium and Blackcurrant Bud, followed by a heart of Rose Absolute, Rose Oil from Turkey, and complemented by Jasmin Sambac. The base notes feature a rich blend of Oud, New Caledonia Sandalwood, Cypriol, and Amber. Together, these notes create a luxurious and complex scent profile, rich in floral and woody aromas.

How long does the scent of Supreme Majesty last?

Supreme Majesty is known for its remarkable longevity. It can last on the skin for several hours and even cling to fabric for weeks. The perfume’s power and evolving sillage make it a standout choice for those seeking a long-lasting fragrance.

Where can I purchase Benigna Parfums?

Benigna Parfums can be purchased directly from their official website, which offers a detailed description of each fragrance along with options to buy. Additionally, select luxury fragrance retailers may carry Benigna Parfums. For a more accessible experience, decants of Supreme Majesty are available at Scent Split.

Is Supreme Majesty suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Supreme Majesty is a unisex fragrance. Its blend of rose, oud, and other notes is crafted to suit both men and women, making it a versatile choice for anyone who appreciates luxurious and sophisticated scents.

What sets Benigna Parfums apart from other luxury fragrance brands?

Benigna Parfums distinguishes itself through its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and social responsibility. Founded by an American woman of African descent who is an aerospace engineer and pilot, the brand combines the art of perfumery with a mission to empower young women in STEM. The exquisite bottle designs, inspired by royal crowns, and the brand’s dedication to using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients further set it apart in the luxury fragrance market.

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